Children's Telescope Advice

Published: 18th August 2009
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Need children's telescope advice? Buying a children's telescope is a bit different than buying one for an adult. Children's telescopes need to accommodate the child, and allow them to get something valuable out of astronomy.

In this article, you will discover some amazing things.

The age of the child is the primary factor in what road you will take. The younger the child, the more limited in choices. Whereas a teen has a wider range.

There are telescopes that can be found in toy stores, and it is a point of concern. So many people turn to these telescopes to get into astronomy, however they are not practical in use.

I remember my own experiences with such telescopes. When I was a child and my father purchased me a telescope from a toy store, it was very limited. Made of plastic the optics in this sub $100 telescope was of no use for success in astronomy.

When I got older we had another go by purchasing a telescope more near to $100, and this telescope was much better, however, for under $100, the tripod and mount were so basic that any slight touch would send the telescope out of focus and have my father complaining!

What I have learned is that a decent telescope must be over $100. The reason is quality; you just can't get quality components for less than this.

This is all good and well for an adult, but for a child, there are some other factors. Perhaps you don't have the time to constantly monitor the child while using a telescope that is for adults. Perhaps they want to experiment and learn by themselves.

In this case, you have 2 options in this children's telescope advice. The cheap toy store versions can be great for them to get to learn the basics of astronomy. Perhaps look at the Moon and learn some things. However, these telescopes are of no use for viewing the planets.

The bigger telescopes that come in around the $100 mark are great for teens; however it may do the opposite of what it is trying to do. It could get the teen frustrated and go off astronomy.

There is a brand of telescope famous for this frustration, and I will not name names, however, anyone into astronomy long enough will know who I am on about! They are ridiculous and need to be tested to know to stupidity of the make.

The problem is that telescopes are scientific instruments and you can't cut the quality factor. There is a need for at least a certain level and quality of optics. As children's telescope advice I feel that it is best to get a better telescope and help supervise them.

If they are closer to being a teen, then investing in a telescope and supervising will allow them to get much more out of astronomy, and so will you. The investment will be well worth it, as it allows you to also get something out of astronomy.

The computerized go to telescopes such as the Meade ETX range are great for this. They are small telescopes; however they have a lot going for them.

They allow you to simply enter the code for up to tens of thousands of objects in its database and it will zoom to it! Input Jupiter and in a few seconds it is ready for your viewing!
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