What Are Some Good Wedding Card Wishes

Published: 05th July 2009
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Are you looking to express good wishes in your wedding card wishes? What are some good wedding card wishes? And are there any options for the person who is not gifted with words or rhyming for poems? As you read this article, you will discover more about what are some good wedding card wishes.

You have 2 options when it comes to answering what are some good wedding card wishes. Either you can write your own words, or find help! The help can be in the form such as information such as you are reading now or it can be in the form of a pre written wedding card. This can save us from asking - what are some good wedding card wishes!

If you still want to plunge in and express a message which is more in tune with what you want to say, then first you want to consider what it is exactly you want to say. When you know what you want to convey, your job is half done. It is now time to complete it.

So, what are some good wedding card wishes? Here is one for you:
The bride and the groom are each part of a wing,
As you both come together on your wedding day
It is a proof and a testimony that love always unites.
Today love unites, for eternity it may be.
We hope with all best wishes that it may be
A happy life, full of joy, and happiness.
Congratulations on your wedding.

We can see that the essence of the message is togetherness. We address both bride and groom and look at the uniting of them. We look at the long term, and give your best wishes and congratulations.

In essence you can see that certain elements have been put together to make great wedding card wishes. You may have better results, especially if you invest some time to consider what you want to convey.

Sometimes once we go through the process, we find that it is easier to write the wedding card wishes words. You may need to go through several drafts.

It is a good idea to get inspiration from several sources, then that way, you can create the kind of wedding card wishes that are important to say. Also at the same time getting it to be the correct wording.

Rhyming is a more complicated topic to talk about, however, with some inspiration; you may find the wording that you need to create a great wording in your wedding card wishes. You can always find ready cards with wording.

It will generally come down to the relation of the bride and groom. If you are the bride or grooms parent, then you likely will want your own words conveyed, rather than someone other persons.

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Blake Flannery on August 30, 2011 said:
Keep in mind that most wedding card messages are positive, inspiring, or funny. You can do a little of each with your message, and you will probably stand out among the others.
Adrian Lawrence on August 30, 2011 said:
I can never come up with a message for cards. Thanks for the suggestions!
Lauren on September 13, 2011 said:
I really needed some inspiration and this is exactly what I was looking for.

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